Ray Silas

I grew up on the 90’s cartoons, a time when there were many great superhero shows running. I loved X-Men and Spider-Man the most, but watched everything that was on, Batman, Fantastic Four and Iron Man. With a comic shop only a 10 minute walk away (even less by bike), I slowly started getting into comics. I started off buying more figures than comics, but I kept up enough to be able to talk to the few friends who were also interested. I was in and out throughout the 90’s buying whatever I could afford at the time, but also leaving for a couple of years at a time. Whenever I stepped away though there was always something to bring me back, new cartoon, cards, card games, cool new toys.

Throughout high school I drifted away, until I got to the later years. I had two friends who also enjoyed comics, and discovered a new store that I could get to. Paul let me borrow about 200 issues of Chris Claremont`s run on Uncanny X-Men, and George started passing me some Preacher trades. I was hooked, not only was I getting to expand on my previous meager knowledge of the X-Men (mostly acquired from TV shows and the back of cards), but I also realized how much more comics could offer by reading Preacher. My new comic shop introduced me to Brian Bendis who was still at Image and just beginning his Marvel career. I was reading one writer who started out on Sam & Twitch and then created Powers and soon followed that with Ultimate Spider-Man. I was getting to try out so many different styles from just one guy. It was at this point that comics really took a hold of me and hasn’t let go since, the guy who put me onto Bendis left the shop I was at, and for a few months I visited less often. This was the summer of 2001 between high school and college.

College began and my friend (knowing my interest in comics and complete lack of direction), drags me to the comic shop on the way to our new school. Here I had one of the coolest shops I’d ever seen, right on the way to school every day, not more than two feet out of my way. I won’t say that I spent every free moment there, but needless to say I spent a lot of time there. Eventually one of he owners asked me if I would be interested in working there, and the rest is history. I started there part time and after a few years got promoted to manager. I typically try to avoid work, but our new store promises to be just as much work as fun.

The two guys I mentioned earlier, George and Paul, ended up going to a different college. We kept in touch off and on, and remained pretty good friends (except Paul). One of the things that kept us in touch was comics, I would go grab lunch with Paul and we would just sit there and discuss the merits of various X-Men teams. George would rant on about crazy comics I had never heard of, usually ones that required blood sacrifices to read. One day late last year I had been talking to them about opening a comic shop. I suckered them into the idea right away, but it only took a short month for us to realize we were too lazy to run a shop. Still wanting to do something comic related together we eventually settled on the idea of Crossover Comics, a website dedicated to comics, that reflects all our shared and individual interest. Here we are a few months later, transforming that website into a store. I hope you guys all enjoy this website and please come visit us anytime.