Paul Landry

I am a comic book fan (obviously). If I were to break down my love for the medium I would segment it into 3 defining moments.

My first big exposure to comics came when I discovered a run of Uncanny X-Men that went from issue 60 to about issue 310. Reading this over and over again as a kid was extremely influential on me, I worshiped these characters like ancient Greek kids worshipped the Odyssey. This also gave me tremendous amounts a nerd cred amongst my high school peers.

The second defining moment came around the same time, but was more important to the way I currently view comics. In the early 90s, Marvel launched a massive crossover event titled The Infinity Gauntlet that impressed the bejesus out of my influential young mind. I knew characters could appear in other characters’ books, but the idea that some villains are so villainous that all the Earth’s heroes had to band together to defeat them was too much and an immediate geekgasm ensued. This set me up for a lifetime of shilling out for convoluted company-wide crossovers that are only thinly-veiled attempts at a
money grab. The Infinity Gauntlet 6-issue miniseries cemented my love for cosmic scale stories. Jim Starlin is a master of space opera and I love him for it.

The third moment is really a series of moments that could probably be described as an era of rediscovery. As a young adult I strayed away from reading new comics and instead became mired in rereading the books I enjoyed as a kid. Then 2 of my best friends (George and Ray) started introducing me to books that I had heard about but never really took the time to read. When I started reading The Goon, The Invisibles, Preacher, Scud and others, I knew I was hooked and back into comics. Now I enjoy pretty much everything and I barely have a filter for what is crap and what is good. I still have a preference for action-packed art, massive crossovers (no matter how terrible they are), time travel, inane but witty banter, lightning bolts, conspiracy theories and Hegelianism.

Outside of comics I enjoy the art of Gerhard Richter, city planning and nachos.